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Civil registration and vital statistics
management solution

Digitech presents EveLiN !

Vital records and statistics management software
Footprint is a biometric means of
identification of newborns
vital records and statistics management software

EveLiN is a packaged product developed by Digitech in order to meet the demand for vital records and statistics management software (Civil Registry and Vital Statistics) of its international customers.

Leader in French civil registry software, Digitech has adapted its products to the international market. Regular subcontractor with brand integrators regarding its expertise, Digitech made in 2015 the decision to edit a software suite fully dedicated to the worldwide market of software labelled “Civil Registry and Vital Statistics”.

This set of productions benefits from a proven expertise on the domestic market. Digitech regularly manages the life cycle of its products in order to follow up national laws enforcement.

Our values

Our team, composed of well qualified engineers is up to provide the last technical tools to achieve a top management of public entities.
Our offer in vital records and statistics management software makes us a major actor in the civil status identification within a large scale of countries. This experience allows us to claim a real expertise in the art of civil registry at the international level.
We have the full conviction that women and men that are going to use our software have to be well involved in the definition and implementation of the project.

The modernization of the civil registry is a long-term investment that involves many actors.
Digitech is one of the worldwide actor working with partners (see list below) to spread the cause of civil registry in the world.

Civil registration and vital statistics !


he usage of a computerised Civil Status solution requires specialised software being able not only to simply manage documents/certificates but also to give a help for their right constitution regarding the countries law(s).

The EveLiN civil status solution is much more than an EDM (Electronic Document Management) with a library of templates. The software includes an engine controlling and checking legal aspects of the documents. This highly adaptable tool is able to follow legal developments.

Moreover, people management is also a key aspect of an IT solution for the management of public records. EveLiN solution enables automatic actions to update documents / certificates depending connections between people (status updates, death …) by adding additional mentions.

As a CRVS software (Civil Registry and Vital Statistics) EveLiN includes a powerful reporting engine allowing the production of statistics based on data constituting the documents (type of document, time, name…)

The solution offers a high level of customization of documents as well as an internal data notification tool between departments and organizations.

Thanks to more than 20 years’ experience, Digitech offers a technically robust and easily adaptable civil status management solution. The main French cities (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux …) are using Digitech CRVS software. At the international level, EveLiN civil status solution is already installed in Mali and several projects are on their way on the African continent and Asia.

EveLiN is a web based solution designed to cover the changing needs in the field of international civil status.


Our functionalities !

image functionalities eveLiN software
image functionalities eveLiN software
Solution EveLiN pc + acte

Our clients !

PARIS – Decentralised solution
MALI – Centralised solution

Our partners !


SEMLEX provides a reliable system of identification, the BNS (Biometric Network System), as well as highly protected official documents. Thanks to the integration of biometric technologies, fiduciary techniques and other safety systems, Semlex offers high quality services and products to a growing number of clients worldwide. In order to satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations in term of security and dependability, Semlex relies on state of the art technologies and procedures


CIVIPOL is the consulting and service company of the French Ministry of International affairs. CIVIPOL regularly intervenes in the context of large-scale international projects for audits, consulting, technical assistance and training. We collaborate with CIVIPOL to offer a global solution covering every area, concerning both hardware and software necessary for the success of a civil status modernization project.


L’AGENCE NATIONALE DES TITRES SÉCURISÉS (ANTS) is a French public administrative institution under the supervision of the French Ministry of International affairs.
The mission of the agency is to secure the delivery of official documents (passport, registration certificate and other various official documents…). We work with ANTS to optimize the French COMEDEC system (Electronic COMmunication of Civil Status Data).


LEX PERSONA is a software editor, trusted service provider and expert in electronic signature. Their solutions facilitate the probative value of digital documents through user friendly and easy integrating products. We work with Lex Persona on securing civil status documents by integrating 2D doc technology.


IDEMIA is the worldwide leader in security and identity solutions. A pioneer in the biometric industry, the company now supports governments in their issues of identity management and provision of online trust services. We collaborate with IDEMIA company to promote an integrated civil status register management solution within large scale architectures of population management system and e-government.


ORANGE (FRANCE TELECOM) is an international telecommunications company (telephone, Internet). Orange completes its offer through sales of B2B and B2C services such as the sale of content (music, film, download …), e-commerce, online advertising, M2M solutions, home automation, and remote assistance. We work with ORANGE company on the Mobile solution that facilitates electronic declaration of civil status vital events from a smartphone.

Our local integrators !

EveLiN works with local integrators in order to implement the civil status solution.
See below the map of our worldwide network of integrators. For more information contact us at